New approaches to:

  • Personalisation
  • Variable data
  • Turnaround Speed
  • Print resources
  • Lower admin costs
  • Print via the internet
  • Online design and ordering
  • Workflow



The print industry is in flux. Everyone is offering similar services: high quality, low prices, rapid delivery. There is much capacity in the industry. Print technology itself is causing a transformation from simply putting ink on paper to involvement in getting the results. Many new technologies combine to provide the knowledgeable print customer with an enormous spectrum of processes and techniques that enable a flexibility never previously imagined.

The tools available range from databases, the Internet, special software, graphic design, digital printing, litho printing, print finishing and all ancillary services. But previously companies have either had to find the most appropriate printers themselves or work throughprint management companies or advertising agencies many are not up to date with the latest processes.

The new way of working is a combination of the entire spectrum of services and technologies used in graphic communication. Our contention is that only by dealing with consultants with a software knowledge can companies achieve the sort of efficiencies now possible. Very few conventional suppliers will have the detailed expertise in all the fields required to be inventive enough to offer a total, up to the minute service.

More Information:

If you'd like more information about the print consortium, please feel free to phone us (020 7566 5070) or fill out our query form. Our sister site Cards Made Easy also offers a complete range of stationery products.


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